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A Fashion Industry’s Creative Heroes Virgil Abloh Died Aged 413 min read


Heartbreaking news comes from the founder of Off-White and Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Artistic Director Virgin Abloh, who died this afternoon, according to his Instagram account. After a two-year battle with cancer, Virgil Abloh who was born in Rockford, Illinois on September 30th, 1980, one of the fashion industry’s creative heroes, died on Sunday. He was bright, diligent, and laid-back all at the same time.

Back in 1988 DJing was one of Abloh’s first creative endeavors prior to fashion. Since then, he’s performed at festivals, fashion shows, and rap shows, as well as opening for Travis Scott on the New York leg of his Birds Eye tour.

Abloh earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Wisconsin before going on to earn his master’s degree at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Abloh explains in an interview with GQ how studying architecture allows his mind to design things from both a micro and a macro perspective.

Virgil is also well-known for working nonstop and traveling 320 days a year. It’s impossible to include everything,

Although Abloh’s new position represents a break from the boring rigmarole of “known” designers swarming from house to house, everyone who has followed his career closely knows that he has been on this path since the beginning.

Abloh is the first to realize that fashion design is only a tool for achieving a goal. As we now know more clearly than ever, the ultimate purpose was to inspire, encourage, and open doors for the next generation; to show young people that they, too, could achieve greatness like him.

He may have spent even more time and energy grooming the next generation of Black fashion talent than he did grooming the current crop. He founded the Virgil Abloh “Post-Modern” Scholarship Fund in 2020, utilizing his power and contacts, as well as inviting design students to his runway shows and giving away hours of his valuable time lecturing at art schools and historically black colleges and universities.

“If you had the privilege of knowing Virgil, you were one of the lucky ones. He was the kindest, most positive, humble, joyful, and full of light person I have ever known. He had the most wonderful way of making you feel so special. his genuine smile would warm your heart. to battle his illness privately perfectly explains the type of man he was, he never wanted anyone to worry about him” Kendall Jenner wrote on her Instagram. Not only did Kendall Jenner express her respect for Virgil Abloh but many other celebrities and models who know him did as well.

Friends, collaborators, and fans paid their respects to Virgil Abloh during a Louis Vuitton runway show designed to celebrate the opening of a glittering new men’s clothing store in Miami’s Design District, which included pyrotechnics and a drone light show.

Around 1,500 guests packed onto Louis Vuitton-branded speed boats and ferries as the sun sank over Miami’s waterfront on Tuesday, and made their way to the Miami Marine Stadium, a former water sports venue. The runway barge was painted with birch trees and black paper airplanes, a frequent element in Mr. Abloh’s art, and the causeway was dredged to accommodate it. The arena was bathed in rainbow hues, as massive fireworks exploded in the sky. Many people in the audience hugged as tears flowed down their cheeks.

A drone light show filled the sky shortly before 7 PM when the mood switched from solemn to celebratory. It started off as a paper plane, then evolved into variations of the Louis Vuitton monogram, a palm tree, and the initials “L.V.” before becoming “V.A.” The drones spelled “Virgil was here” for the finale, and photographs of the show quickly spread across social media.

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