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Keep Yourself Productive During The Pandemic4 min read


Despite the relaxation of COVID-19 rules, many of us will continue to work from home. Of course, sometimes we are more prone to grow bored or unmotivated if we do so for an extended period of time. So, how can we make sure we keep making the best of the situation? and what does it take to stay productive in the face of adversity?

Here we have some tips on how to be productive while working from home during the Pandemic.

1.  Communication.

Here are 2 tips to keep the communication go well between you and your teammates in the office while working from home.

Keep your meetings on track.

Communication possibilities that are organized are more crucial than ever; now that we have less face-to-face contact, we should discover new ways to interact even more frequently. Teleconferences can be conducted using a variety of tools (some of which are even free): Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype are just a few examples. Isolating yourself from your teammates because you work from home is not an option.

Meetings are excellent for sustaining relationships and provide an opportunity to apply peer pressure if you’re having trouble getting things done at home. In fact, some of our teams started holding a daily 15-minute catch-up meeting to share their daily goals and see if anyone needed assistance.

Communicate in a straightforward and unambiguous manner.

This is always vital. If something needs to be done, make a direct request and provide explicit instructions. If a request is made to a group of people, let the others know straight away if you will accept it. Agree on language and use it consistently throughout your discussions. You will save a lot of time and frustration if you communicate clearly and unambiguously.

2. Concentration

While working from home we know there will be many distractions, but here we 2 tips for you on how to concentrate while you working from home.

Make a short to-do list and then whittle it down.

Keeping your tasks structured is incredibly beneficial, so begin your day by making a list of your objectives. Put them in order of importance, and if necessary, postpone some of them to the next day. A short to-do list will assist you in staying focused on your responsibilities. Once you’ve achieved your goal, you may always begin working on activities that have been put off. Google Tasks and Trello are two examples of apps that you can use to list your tasks. If you prefer writing your tasks on paper or your favorite notebook it works too!

Image by marijana1 from Pixabay

Make use of your group.

Check in with your teammates and ask them to do the same to ensure that you stay on target.

3. Counterbalance

It might be tough to distinguish between job and personal life when your workplace is also where you spend your free time. here we have the tips on how to balance them both.

Prepare yourself for work.

Remember that remote work still works: better to set an alarm, dress appropriately, and find a relatively quiet area (a separate bedroom is best, but not everyone has this luxury) where you can sit comfortably throughout the day. And if you have meetings, to shut out distractions, use noise-canceling headphones so you can focus on the meeting.

Breaks and lunch were not canceled.

It is critical to take frequent coffee and lunch breaks. Make use of this time to check in on your coworkers and see how they’re doing. Keep in touch with the folks you live with.

Maintain your normal routine as much as possible.

If you used to read while commuting, set aside some time at home to do so. If you’re used to getting up early, attempt to maintain your routine. Routine will assist you in acclimating to your new circumstances and will allow you to divide your work from your personal life.

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