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Hwasa’s ‘I’m a B’ has Surpassed 10 Million Views – Why You Should Watch it!3 min read


K-pop has matured over the years, it’s now one of the most-streamed genres worldwide. Thanks to the third and fourth generations, the culture has shifted to becoming even more complex; unveiling social issues such as mental health, gender inequality, and unexpressed conservative stigmas. The courage of speaking up is becoming its attitude delivered beautifully by so many musicians, one of them being Hwasa.

The MAMAMOO’S vocalist takes zero breaks in making us fall in love with her endless creativity and wittiness conveyed in her 2nd Single Album, ‘Guilty Pleasure’. It’s beyond enjoyment to experience the 26-year-old’s diverse and alienating journey as an artist through the album, especially a title track entitled ‘I’m a B’. 

Themed by raw emotions and struggles to tolerate herself, Hwasa playfully labeled herself as a ‘빛’, which means “light” yet has a soundalike to an English word, “bitch”. Speaking at a press conference, Hwasa mentioned her attempt to release this track “to say sorry to my family and friends in a witty way”. The song itself, influenced by electronic-pop elements, is a continuous episode of “Maria”, where she finally realizes her sacrifice to survive in this industry is to not just love yourself but to be truly unapologetic. Thanks to her, K-pop culture is now transforming to not only be universal, but inclusive as well. On several occasions, the idol promotes body positivity and her struggles as a public figure. She successfully carries herself and her artwork as her own identity. Hwasa’s iconic sultry voice compliments well with her message accompanied by the old school pop beats, which we often encounter in Dua Lipa’s “Levitating”. She’s the embodiment of being a savage and here’s why.

Addressing her ‘inappropriateness’

Hwasa often receives backlash because of the outfits she wears on and off stage. In 2019, she comfortably wore a no-bra outfit to the airport and made herself the focus of controversy. Being unbothered, the idol visualizes her comfort in the music video braless amongst the dancers, wearing white bras.

East Meets West

‘I’m a B’ music video has a very unique vibe from the rest of MAMAMOO’s visuals. The video started with a calm tone, where Hwasa sits in the middle, circled by her dancers. It almost seems like Hollywood music videos in which the presence of popping colors is very unlikely. 

However, the singer decided to go back to her roots for this comeback. A contrast can be seen between ‘Maria’, her previous hit’s Latin-influenced dance break, and this particular one. Kayagŭm, the national musical instrument of Korea, intensified her well-choreographed dance, creating a thrilling juxtaposition.

Edgy symbolism

Fear not, symbolism in this video is still no joke. Broken mirrors, glasses, plastered rooms appear many times signaling her many tries of fixing her mistakes and wrongdoings. “My sins are beautiful, baby”, the idol chanted her failures and eventually accepted herself.

In her lyrics, “Something that’s meaningless is like a zebra without its stripes”, she recognizes her need to be constantly creative in order to not let herself be crazy. Being predictable is unbearable to her, pursuing this line of work day to day. “I’m a B” can also be seen as her growth, as she reenacted herself inside a plastic wrap, referencing “Twit” and surviving her drowning, releasing herself from “Maria”.

To be able to hear one’s honesty is extremely honorable, and that’s why Hwasa deserves all the love. She carries a sense of humbleness, “Nothing lasts forever, my feel, my belief, I hope I don’t lose them” as she tries to make the best out of herself while she is crazy enough.

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