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What We Know About K/DA6 min read


From Fantasy To Reality

Started as playable characters in a PC game played by millions of players around the world, then became the global phenomenon and conquer the billboard’s chart. These diva vocal groups have been stealing the show starting in their debut in 2018. They are strong, they are beauties. They are ready to make a slash and undo your ties. Who are they? They are K/DA – the vocal group that broke the boundaries between fantasy and reality. And with this article, we will go to dive deeper to know them further.

K/DA On The Cover

Once upon a time, there’s this plan that came up by the infamous game developer named Riot Games, who desires to make more music content for the future. Formed by four League of Legends characters and supported by the vocal from the infamous artists around the world like Miyeon from (G)I-dle, Madison Beer, Jihyo from TWICE, Jaira Burns and so many more. As you can see from the vocal formations, K/DA is based on a mixture of K-pop and international pop elements.

According to Riot Games, K/DA is an acronym for Kills, Death, and Assist. The infamous term in the game League of Legends determines your progress within the game which can be counted by how many times you have died, kill the enemies, or assisted your allies. While still holding the in-game elements into their musical concept, Riot Games is planning to become a fully-committed music label in the future. Well, considering the movement of K/DA, I believe that wouldn’t just be a dream.

From Virtual to Reality.

The vocal group K/DA make a debut on November 3rd, 2018 at the League Or Legends World Championship in South Korea. At the same time, their first music video was premiered on Youtube with the title Pop/Stars, the same song was also sung by them in the opening ceremony. Right after the release, their song was a hit. Millions of people talk about the music as well as the MV mostly by K-pop fans and gamers. It makes K/DA act as the bridge between games and the music world.

After two years of the first release, the first album of K/DA with the title ALL OUT was released. The album consists of various singles including the Baddest and More. This is followed by the rest of the album songs including Villain, Drum Go Drum and I’ll Show You.


The virtual divas are now taking the real world into a serious matter. It was proven by the achievements that they got after the first release. K/DA receives the nomination as The Best Original Song in Game Audio Network Guild Awards for the music Pop/Stars, win as the Outstanding Song from Video Game in Hollywood Music in Media Awards for the song The Baddest, then win again as Best Original Song in Game Audio Network  Guild Awards and so many more.

K/DA also receive The 30 Best Pop Songs of 2020: Staff Picks in Billboard as well as the Top 25 Best Pop Albums of 2020: Staff Picks for their album ALL OUT.


K/DA was formed by four League of Legends Characters such as:


The nine-tailed fox magician in the game and also the leader/founder of the vocal group. In K/DA, Ahri is voiced by different artists including Laura Post, Miyeon from (G)I-dle, Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo, and Chayeoung from Twice, Bekah Boom, and Annika Wells. She’s portrayed as a blonde-haired lady with a diamond tail but frequently changed into nine tails. She has a solo single entitled I’ll Show You


She’s the Ninja assassin in the game and also the main rapper of the group with Soyeon is the only provider for Akali’s singing voice. Her appearance is portrayed as a tom-boy lady with maroon hair color and a hat. In the second music video More, Akali has a new look with black and gold while riding the Ducati motorcycle.


Is a demon assassin and the main vocalist of the group alongside Ahri. Evelynn’s Singing voice is provided by Madison Beer and Kim Petras. Her appearance is portrayed as a purple-haired lady with golden claws while sitting in his supercar. During the music video More and her solo Villain, Evelynn changed her hair color to silver and her outfit got more trendy and stunning.


Kai’sa is a burst marksman and also the main dancer of the group. He is also doing the rap in the song More and Baddest and got the solo single Drum Go Dum. The singing voice of Kai’sa is provided by Jaira burns, Bekuh BOOM, Aluna, and Wolftyla. Kai’sa is easily distinguished by the two floating cannons behind her back, purple hair. In the music video More, Kai’sa changed her hair color to black and the signature color changed from purple-gold to blue-silver.

The Final Verdict.

K/DA is the proof that something virtually can also be a symbol of pop culture. Their fame is top-notch with fans coming from different elements, including K-pop and gaming culture. Does it worth it? In my opinion, K/DA is more than worthy and there’s no disappointment shown in every music they released.

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