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CLOSE THE DOOR GAME ON by Deddy Corbuzier – Youtube Live Streaming New World Record 20222 min read


Live Streaming Boxing Match between Azka Corbuzier vs Vicky “The Gladiator” Prasetyo in Indonesia became The Most Watched Live Streaming on Youtube via Deddy Corbuzer Youtube Channel. The Match titled CLOSE THE DOOR GAME ON was held on 31st March 2022, airing for 55 mins, got peak views of 2.7 million, with total views of 18 million in less than 24 hours.

This New World Record also break their own Live Streaming World Record when they held Chess Match between Dadang “Dewa Kipas” Subur vs GM Irene Sukandar, the match has IDR 200 million for the winner and IDR 100 million for the loser, and all prizes from Deddy Corbuzier. Check the Full Video below.

Full Video – Dewa Kipas vs GM Irene Sukandar

This match was hosted by Rhomedal Aquino, carried out in 3 rounds and each round for 3 minutes with a special K1 rule of Hand Only. The match started with the introduction of both players by Woman Referee Imelda Dinar, with Vicky Prasetyo on the blue side and Azka Corbuzier on the red side.

The Match was won by Azka Corbuzier by TKO in 2 rounds, due to Vicky Prasetyo can’t continue the last round following his knee injuries.

Full Video – Azka vs Vicky

After the match, Deddy Corbuzier who is also the Father of Azka Corbuzier said “This is the beginning, we see here the game, there are no gimmicks, no games, no lies, carried out in real, really and seriously and Vicky is extraordinary,” he said.

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