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Winter Major Cancels – Biggest Upset for Pro Players and Dota 2 Community5 min read


This is the biggest upset for all Dota 2 Pro Players and all communities after TI10 switching locations and some tournaments that were canceled by Valve during the pandemic. Winter Major, which is almost at the end of the qualification phase now, must be totally canceled due to the omicron situation that Valve doesn’t want all pro players and crew in a bad situation.

Announcement for Winter Major 2022

The announcement was released just before some of the DPC matches started, it makes some of them thinking to not to play and others want to keep finishing the DPC as a professional. Regional DPC ranking will be distributed to 2nd and 3rd Major, which you can see in the picture above.

Here some Dota 2 players, Teams, Talent, and community show their upset on their social media. Some of them agreed and understand this Omicron situation to keep everyone healthy, but some want the Major to keep alive, maybe online.

Here are some reactions from Dota 2 Pro Players, Team and Talent:

TI 10 Champions:

Valve response to the Winter Major Cancelled:

Valve promise something but nothing with their Update, they promise to work on LAN tournaments with very restricted rules. Hope it works and does not make any false hope.

The problem is the Winter Major prize money should be distributed to the top 4 in each region to help them with their expenses so far.

You can see the Quincy Crew Players tweet below, on how they need that money to continue to play in the highest scene of Dota 2.

Valve has also not announced what it plans to do with the Major prize pool. Dota 2 Major has a $500,000 prize pool.
That’s a lot of money that can help some teams to cover their expenses so far.

Good Luck, Dota 2 Community.

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