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7 Anime Recommendations to Watch during Christmas Holiday9 min read


Christmas Holiday is all about celebrations. Being together with your lovers, family, or friends is definitely one of the joys that you can enjoy. But let’s face sometimes we cannot really spend the time on the outside like we normally do back in 2018, where we normally go to see movies, perhaps taking a stroll or just, feeling the holiday atmosphere somewhere you like.

Today, things are different but you can just spend your day at home with hot chocolate in hand, popcorn on the side then open your favorite channel to watch anime. Well, there are thousands of anime out there… what is good to watch during the Christmas holiday? That’s definitely a good question! Now is a good time, let me give you seven anime that you can watch during the Christmas holiday. Without further ado, Ikimasho!

7. Tora Dora

In our first list, we have the warmest anime that is aired in 2009 but is still worth watching. Tora Dora offers a warm vibe, romantic comedy slice-of-life anime that wouldn’t get you bored to watch. Telling the story of Taiga Aisaka, a petite high school girl who feared high school for his violence, and Ryuji Takasu a kindhearted guy who feared because he looks like Yakuza. Both of them have different crushes and they decide to help each other to get closer to them. But things changes and they began to feel comfortable then the love seed began to bloom.

Tora Dora is one of the anime that is able to deliver the message very well. The way every character interacts with each other is mesmerizing and every episode gives you a different feeling, Specially on Christmas special edition from episodes 17 to 19. It’s worth watching.

6. Log Horizon

Going further with a slightly different anime with a totally different atmosphere, Log Horizon tells the story of the players of Elder Tale that consciously trapped inside the game right after the earthquake in their real world. Focused on the main Character named Shiroe, they explore the world to uncover the way to survive in another world and try to fix the uncontrolled situations by creating the Knight of rounds.

This anime has a good story development that you can enjoy. The tactics that Shiroe created to fix the conditions are definitely good to watch. With his brilliant brains and the help of Knight of Rounds, every beautiful plan is formed, celebrations after celebrations are held to keep the happiness of every adventurer that lives in dystopian Akihabara. Well, Christmas is all about celebrations and how you can help everybody to achieve happiness. Therefore, it’s definitely worth watching during the holiday season.

5. Itsudatte My Santa

the classic anime that is aired in 2005 and only has two OVA episodes. Itsudatte my Santa tells the story of a guy who was born on December 24 and named Santa by their parents… Yap, I say it right. Because of both the name and the birth date, Santa began to hate Christmas until the time the Main Heroine came, her name is Mai. She has a mission to change the fate of Santa and turn his perception about Christmas.

Well, the OVA is definitely a good example of manga adaptations, although you will find there are differences between manga and anime. On the other side, Itsudatte My Santa has a really good story that mostly focuses on the romance-comedy relationship between Mai and Santa. Her development in completing his mission is fun to watch, it’s a good example of an anime that you can enjoy together with your loved one.  

4. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown is one of the anime that is still fun and stunning to watch, even though it was aired a decade ago. The story takes time in ten years right after the lost Christmas incident, Ouma shu a normal high school girl with a normal life, who is destined to bear the weight of the world in him and starting to save the world from the villain who tries to make peace using the Void Genome, a special genetic weapon that is created from the Apocalypse Virus.

The story is definitely great, the animation is top-notch with flawless action in every episode. Everything about Guilty Crown is a masterpiece. From the opening and ending song and the anime itself. If you decide to watch it, you might feel that there’s no correlation between Christmas and Guilty crown. Well, a good Christmas holiday wouldn’t be completed if we don’t add a little bit of spice to it, don’t you agree? Furthermore, the event that starts it all is called the Lost Christmas incident where the world was stomped by an outer space object that carries a deadly virus. 100% recommended watching.

3. Nisekoi

Another fun-to-watch high school romance comedy-drama anime, Nisekoi. Focusing on the daily life of fake lovers Raku Nichijo and Chitoge Kirisaki. They are forced to be a couple by their father to prevent a war between Yakuza and gangsters. Raku itself doesn’t really love Chitoge, instead, he has a secret crush on an ordinary girl named Kosaki Onodera and she also secretly loves Raku as well. But not only that, there are other girls that fell in love with Raku as well. Who are they? And what’s their relationship? Who will date Raku in the end? Let’s watch the story then. Haha

In my opinion, Niseko is one of the romance-comedy anime that will take away your attention. That is because the way the story was told is definitely fun, even though it has two seasons and several OVA. The Christmas-themed episode can be found in Season 2, episode 3-4 where Raku is tasked to accompany Chitoge’s mother’s busy schedule during Christmas night.

2. Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve

Love Hina Christmas Special: Silent Eve is the OVA of the infamous anime with the same name. Telling the story of Keitaro who was a bombardier with presents as well as love letters (read: confession) from all of the girls that were close to him. This is happed because the girls heard the rumor stated if you confess your love, eventually your wish will come true. While all the girls are busy preparing the presents, Keitaro himself is busy trying to confess to his love Naru.

Love Hina Christmas special combines the warmth of Christmas with an amusing rom-com story of Keitaro and the girls. It’s… breathtaking. From the way that all the girls take to confess, to Keitaro’s challenge in confessing his love to Naru. All of them are fun to watch. Furthermore, the comedy is delivered well and the ending is satisfying. If you watched it on Christmas night, don’t forget to look the Love Hina’s original anime series. I can assure you won’t regret it.

1. Tokyo Godfather

Reaching up to our first list is Tokyo Godfather. No, it’s not a yakuza movie but it’s more into comedy-drama that will give colors into your life on Christmas eve. It’s the story of three orphans who found an abandoned newborn baby in the dumpster while searching for presents. After finding a box near him that might lead to the newborn baby’s mother, the three orphans then began their adventure to unsolved clue after clue.

One of the reasons why Tokyo Godfather reaches the top of our list. The story is plainly beautiful. Their adventure in searching for the baby’s mother is like a journey in itself. Filled will laughable comedy and tearable drama, make this a perfect anime to watch during Christmas night… just in case you want something that will touch your heart deeply.

Alright alright! We have discussed all of my anime recommendations that you can watch during Christmas night. Some of them might not be connected entirely with the Christmas theme, but they can give you the vibe and spirits to walk your life positively. As I mentioned earlier, Christmas is all about celebrations, love and joy so don’t forget to give it to your friends, family or loved ones. But also don’t forget to keep some to yourself because you deserve to be happy as well.

Happy holiday! 

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