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15 Movies about Courage and Bravery that give you motivation to never give up13 min read


Bravery movies are popular because bravery is a virtue that many people admire. Bravery can be defined as a willingness to do the right thing in the face of danger or pain, and with this definition, it’s easy to see why bravery would be admired by anyone. Bravery is not only an admirable trait but also one that has been shown to boost mental health and physical health for both men and women of all ages.

But what does bravery really mean? Bravery usually means standing up for someone else when they need you most or persisting even when things get hard. Courage, on the other hand, is often associated with bravery but courage doesn’t always require doing something difficult; sometimes it just means having enough strength to take care of yourself during tough times. bravery can also be seen as doing something scary or confronting your fears. Bravery comes in many different forms, but all of it is bravery nonetheless.

Many people have spoken about bravery and courage being a virtue that everyone should have. Without bravery and courage, you will never truly have the bravery to face your fears or accomplish any goals that you may have in your life.

Here are some movies which show persistence, courage, and bravery as their main plot:

“The Shawshank Redemption” is a story about two men who are in prison for different reasons. Red, played by Morgan Freeman, is serving a life sentence for murder, and Andy, played by Tim Robbins, is serving time for a crime he didn’t commit. Andy meets Red in the prison yard and tells him his plan to escape. Andy is eventually able to escape, but not before smuggling money out of the prison and giving it to Red so he won’t have to worry about getting paroled. over the next 20 years, Red spends every day in his cell trying to think of ways he can help get Andy out.

The bravery part about this movie is that Red never gives up on Andy, even when it seems like there’s no hope. He spends decades coming up with ways to help Andy escape, and despite the fact that he never succeeds, Red never gives up. This is a great example of courage in the face of adversity.

“Invictus,” tells the story of Nelson Mandela, who was elected the first black president of South Africa in 1994 after spending 27 years in prison. In the movie, Mandela is trying to unite the country by bringing together the white and black rugby teams. He appoints Francois Pienaar, captain of the white rugby team, as the leader of the team and challenges him to make South Africa the best rugby team in the world. Pienaar and his team eventually succeed, and Mandela is able to unite the country in a time of great turmoil.

What so inspiring about this movie is Mandela never gives up on his vision for the country, even when it seems like there’s no hope. He spends 27 years in prison, but he never stops fighting for equality and justice. After being elected president, he faces many challenges, but he never gives up on his goal of uniting the country. This is a great example of courage in the face of adversity.

“Rocky” is a movie about a boxer who is down on his luck. He lives in Philadelphia and is trying to make ends meet by working as a debt collector. He is also training for an upcoming fight with Apollo Creed, the heavyweight champion of the world. Rocky ends up getting a chance to fight against Creed for free after another boxer gets injured. Rocky goes on to win the match and becomes famous overnight. He starts living in luxury, but all he wants is someone who can love him just as much as he loves them in return. Rocky eventually gets his wish when he meets a shy woman who works at the meat factory where he works.

He’s down on his luck and living in poverty, but he never stops training for his fight against Apollo Creed. He’s also not afraid to stand up to Creed and challenge him to a match, what a brave man!

“The Blind Side” is a movie about Michael Oher, a large African-American teenager who is taken in by a wealthy white family after his mother, many siblings, and friends die. Oher spends two years attending an all-white school where he faces racism from the students and teachers. He finds out about a football scout who wants to meet him, but he needs money for transport. It’s up to Leigh Anne Tuohy, the woman who took him in, to find a way to get him to the scout. She eventually loans him her car and pays for his trip. Oher is drafted into the NFL and goes on to be a star player.

Michael never lets his adversity about racism get in the way of achieving his dreams. He faces a lot of discrimination from those who don’t even know him, but he uses it as motivation to work harder and be successful.

“The Help” is set in Jackson, Mississippi during the 1960s. African-American women working as maids are treated poorly by their white employers. A young white woman named Skeeter decides to write a book about their experiences. She faces a lot of resistance from the people in her town, but she never stops trying.

“The Intouchables” is a movie about Phillipe, a wealthy man who becomes paralyzed from the waist down after a hang-ling accident. He hires Driss, a young homeless man, as his new caretaker. Phillipe is a very different kind of person than Driss and the two butt heads at first, but they eventually become friends and go on many adventures together.

“Braveheart (1995)” is a movie about William Wallace, a Scottish farmer who becomes involved in the fight for independence from England. He is eventually captured and executed, but his actions inspire others to continue the fight.

William Wallace never gives up on his dream of fighting for Scottish independence. He knows that he’s going to be executed for what he believes in, but he still goes through with it. This movie was so successful and known for its excellent way of portraying an act of courage.

“Into the Wild (2007)” is about the true-life story of Christopher Johnson McCandless. He graduates from college and gives away his money to charity, donates his car, and burns all of his credit cards before heading out into nature to live alone in isolation.

Chris never gives up on his dream of living free without harming anyone or anything. He knows that it’s going to be tough living in the wilderness alone, but he never gives up. His strong will is so touching and will give you goosebumps.

“127 Hours (2010)” is about Aron Ralston, an outdoor adventurer who gets trapped by a boulder while hiking in Utah. He spends 5 days trying to free himself before eventually cutting off his own arm to escape.

This movie is based on a true story which as you know always successful to add levels of intensity and emotions when you watch it. It conveys the meaning of human survival instinct to its finest perfectly. 

“Saving Private Ryan (1998)” is a movie about the journey of a group of American soldiers on a mission to rescue one man behind enemy lines. They fight their way through Europe during World War II and face many dangerous obstacles, but they never give up on completing their mission.

They know that they will have to fight their way through Europe during World War II, but they never lose hope. I was insisting that this plot doesn’t make sense at first since why you should send your finest group of soldiers to (practically) die in order to save a person only. But later on, I realized it was all about the group of soldiers who dedicated their lives to fulfill their oath and mission no matter how unrealistic it was. Dedication, courage, and bravery are three words I will use to describe this movie.

“Schindler’s List (1993)” is about Oskar Schindler, a German factory owner who uses cheap Jewish labor to make his business successful. As he watches how the Jews are being mistreated by the Nazis, he begins to secretly work against them.

Oskar never gives up on his dream of making sure that no more Jews will be hurt by the Nazis. He knows that it’s dangerous to go up against Hitler and his armies, but Oskar is brave enough to do it anyways.

“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)” is about a group of friends who come together to destroy an evil ring that is threatening to enslave the world. They face many dangerous obstacles, but they never give up on their quest.

Frodo and Sam in particular are two characters who will make you think “if I was them I would give up by this point”. You can see how hard and painful their journey was but they just keep on going and going. This movie (movies to be precise) will teach you about bravery to never give up and of course, believe in your friend.

“Finding Nemo (2003)” is about a father fish who goes on a journey to find his son, who has been taken by divers. He faces many dangerous obstacles, but he never gives up on his quest. He knows that it’s going to be tough searching the entire ocean for him, but Marlin never loses faith in himself. A father loves (or mother love) is the purest kind of love you can find in this world and I will stand by that opinion until I die. If it is for their children, trust me, parents can mustard the strongest and most persistent courage you will ever see in this life.

“Forrest Gump (1994)” is about a slow-witted man who goes on many different adventures and meets many interesting people throughout history; he even plays ping-pong with President Nixon and John Lennon. Forrest never gives up on his dreams of seeing the world. He knows that it’s going to be hard, but he doesn’t let anything stop him from achieving his dreams of traveling the world.

“The Lion King (1994)” is about a lion cub who is forced to flee his home after his father is killed. He faces many dangerous obstacles, but he never gives up on his quest to become king.

Movies about courage and bravery are popular because they remind us that no matter how tough things get, we should never give up. These movies are a great source of inspiration, and they remind us that it’s important to stay brave in the face of adversity. They teach us that we can overcome any obstacle if we never give up on ourselves.

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