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7 Marvel Trilogy Ranked From Worst to Best6 min read


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is operated under a sense of trilogy in mind. Meaning, that one superhero franchise will have multiple titles that marked their progressions in the story. It also shows how their characters develop throughout the canon universe. 

Whether the title is within the main MCU timeline or takes place outside of it, Marvel’s Comic book characters have always been a big hit. The genre of the superhero has also been growing in popularity for the past decades, resulting in many Marvel trilogies.

Out of all those trilogies, each of them has its unique style that complements the themes of the heroes. This is why it’s a bit hard to rank them based on their popularity alone. So many different variables to take into account and more often than not, they deserve to be placed alongside each other as they are equally entertaining. Here, we will try to rank them from worst to best, let’s jump right in:

7. Blade Trilogy

The Blade trilogy is one of the most underrated movies across all genres, including outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first two movies had an amazing run with many critics praising the franchise for an almost accurate depiction of his iconic comic book look. This is arguably the last Marvel movie to ever explore the dark “underworld” side of MCU, opposite of what current MCU has to offer.

The actor, Wesley Snipes delivers an amazing performance portraying the menacing Dracula hunter. The action sequences are great too, with a flawless blend of martial arts and mystical and gore images. Unfortunately, the last installment is nowhere near the first two in terms of quality and deliverance. Overall, with the third movie flopped, the trilogy still holds up and has a consistent tone throughout.

6. The Wolverine Trilogy

Wolverine is a beloved character and has appeared in many Marvel movies of different titles. As we all know, he also has his own stand-alone trilogy which varies greatly in their quality, to say the least. From the highly sought after Logan to the downright awful X-Men Origins: 

Despite the poor ratings, Hugh Jackman does a great job in all of the movies he stars in, making the Wolverine characters what it is today. 

5. X-Men Trilogy

This installment is even more confusing as it does not have any strong candidates out of all sequels. From the first to the last installment, the plot seems very far off from one another, which is the opposite of what Marvel movies are famous for, continuity.

Despite the bad qualities, it is still a fun and entertaining show to watch. Great actions and stunning cinematography with the deep character development of this beloved team of mutants have helped them go into people’s hearts. 

4. Thor Trilogy

If we look back to all the three Thor movies, we can clearly see a missing piece that should have connected the trilogy. Many people must agree that the first film is good, the second is bad, and the third one is the best of them all. But, that is the thing. Each film somehow has very different styles and themes.

3. Iron Man Trilogy

Iron Man is the first movie that initiated the MCU as we know it today. With the first Iron Man being dubbed as one of the best Marvel movies ever made, the sequel has a lot of homework to do. 

However, the next sequels are really far off from its predecessor. A lack of convincing villains is mainly the reason why those two films are not as big hits as the first one. This coincides with the amazing character development of Tony Stark as Iron Man,  depicting his struggles in life and how he evolves to become the best superhero of the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe.  That very reason is why this trilogy is still going strong after all those years.

2. Spider-Man Trilogy

When we talk about Spider-Man, there are many iterations from many studios, including Sony and Marvel. But, now we will only discuss the one from Marvel.

The first Spider-Man is a big hit. The reboot of this web-slinging hero is much needed in the ever-growing MCU. With a down-to-earth persona, his first action movie may not be the most thrilling or futuristic yet, but it surely makes turns on the second and third movie. The second sequel is great but not as popular as the first one, while the third one who just came out recently is dubbed to be the best out of all Spider-Man movie titles from all generations. 

1. Captain America Trilogy

The first Captain America movie does not follow the common theme of Marvel movies. It is a classic hit with a twist of an old-style vibe from 1940s life, which is where the movie takes place. 

Although the first movie is rather slow and grounded, the follow-up sequel is a big hit. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies yet, sharing the throne alongside other big heroes like Black Panther and The Avengers Saga. The last one is also an action-packed, drama movie that forces the audience to pick sides with our beloved characters. A roller coaster of an emotional ride from having to choose to be with Cap’s side or have to choose the opposition. A must-watch trilogy which is even better when watched continuously.

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