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Monica and Chandler Might have just Guided You to Find the One3 min read


“Welcome to an adult relationship.”

Everyone has had their fair share of witnessing TV’s most turbulent, seesaw-like couples. Whether it’s Ross and Rachel, Chuck and Blair, or Nick and Jess, they seem to lack something in their relationship. 

Yes. Stability. It’s always the who’s running or who’s chasing who, worse, don’t even make me start the “let’s-date-other-people-so-he-can-be-jealous” type of game. It is somehow inevitable, although it’s cute and tear-jerkingly disturbing at the same time.

In this holiday season, you don’t have to feel lonely anymore. Take notes, because the Bings’ school session is about to start.

Friends first

This formula is certainly not the New Testament. A 1994 study in “Personal Relationships” resulted that partners who scored high on the Friendship-Based Love Scale are more likely to have stable marriages. Monica and Chandler had cared for and loved each other before they even made the trip into the “boyfriend-and-girlfriend lane”. It’s not a difficult thing to express, when it comes to love, because the urge to grow together is already a mutual one. 

Old job < New job <<< You 

In this day and age, it’s a necessity to define someone based on what they do for a living. At times, ambitiousness wins easily, and they often neglect the people who loved them the most. 

In season 9 episode 3, Monica made a life-changing decision not to follow Chandler to Tulsa and began a new opportunity as a chef in Javu. Chandler was concerned with her career-minded being. Later in the episode, Monica stated where her feet are set; Chandler’s her priority and she’s willing to sacrifice the job offer, but she needed to stay so that she can live up to her dream. 

To be able to sacrifice your wants so that your significant other can flourish is what makes this couple a perfect example of being selfless. They’re not tearing each other apart because of their great careers, instead, they hold onto each other and share success. 

Shared Vision

It is tearing our soul to watch Monica break up with Richard. He was mature, caring, and obviously, a daddy. Though Richard was situated to be the no-brainer choice for Monica, she walked her only future. Richard was nowhere near ready to be at the same place as hers. It is critical at this point which relationship is worth having, no matter how fulfilling it is, and deciding to put an end to it.

Chandler was at first, also afraid of commitment. However, he conquered his fear of marriage and decided to man up and be the one for her. 

It’s Okay to be Boring

It’s finally the one thing I adore the most from these lovebirds. They’re very relatable!

In season 5 episode 17, Monica was head to head with Phoebe to prove whose relationship is the hottest. Phoebe, the genius she was, played along and made a real treat out of it. The episode hilariously proved every single point that Monica and Chandler’s relationship was out of the ‘honeymoon phase. 

There’s actually nothing wrong with being comfortable with each other. It means they love having each other’s company without having to throw arguments at all times.

Monica was said to not have her believe in soulmates. They were not destined to meet each other, instead, they found each other’s interests, fell in love, and worked hard for it. 

They just cannot be any cuter! 

With the class coming to an end, I do hope you can find your Chandler somewhere just as much as you work on your Monica. 

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