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Morbius is Set To Open Marvel’s Underworld Universe3 min read


Marvel has once again surprised us fans with a huge announcement. Following the success of Infinity Saga, the next phase of MCU will involve even bigger events and many more characters than ever.

For the diehard fans of MCU, you must have figured out all the hints from various movies Marvel dropped so far. For example, in Marvel’s Eternals post-credit scene, Kit Harrington who portrays Dane Whitman a.k.a Black Knight is seen to wield some kind of a sword when a voice of someone asks for reassurance. Many fans have speculated that it is an oddly familiar voice of Mahershala Ali, an actor who is dubbed to play Blade in the upcoming Marvel movie timeline. How is this connected? Well, Blade has always been an underground hero of the Marvel universe. Associated characters of it will be Moon Knight and unsurprisingly, Morbius. In fact, in the comics, Blade actually got some of his powers from Morbius. So it’s easy to assume that they will share a screen sometime in the future. 

Another evidence is coming from the first trailer of the movie Morbius. There is one scene where we can see Michael Keaton who plays The Vulture in Spiderman: Homecoming interact with him. This means that Morbius will appear in the same universe as Spiderman, which is arguably the center of the next Marvel phases following the death of Iron Man. 

As for the trailer, it opens with Jared Leto as Michael Morbius searching for a cure for a rare blood disease he has. Daniel Espinosa will be directing this movie and fans can be sure they are in for some treat. Then, it narrates Morbius’ quest in a helicopter penetrating the depth of misty forest in some mountain. As he arrives atop a mountain, he then begins to enter some kind of a cave where he is seen to be attacked by a swarm of bats. Now, the origin of Morbius in the comic is that he gained his powers by fusing bat DNA with electroshock therapy, which Sony seems to want to stay away from. 

It also flashes us with a glimpse of Morbius’s flashback about his conditions. He is seen consistently using a cane. Progressing from using a wooden cane until transformed into a more modern black cane. This coincides with the fact that even with the advancement in medical science of his time, none can save him from the misery of his conditions. 

This will be the very foundation of his story as he progresses to be a leading medical figure to help others. Further demonstrating his philanthropy, the trailer shows Michael Morbius receiving a Nobel prize for his effort in fighting diseases and helping advance medical science. During that scene we can see that despite the extravagant celebration, he looks unsteady and frail, foreshadowing what’s to come. The very portrayal of his character will be challenged throughout the film as he mutated into a bloodthirsty vampire. The trailer also showed that after the cave incident, he was gone for quite some time before reappearing two months later looking better than his former condition.

Apart from all of that, Marvel has a huge plan moving forward and does not stop on Blade and Morbius. The underworld of Marvel universes will be filled with characters like Moon Knight, Venom, Daredevil, and Ghost Rider to say the least. Hopefully, we get to see them cross paths sometime in the future, either being an enemy or teaming up.

With Morbius set to be released the earliest of all (January 2022), this will definitely open and establish how Marvel is going to carry the underworld franchise moving forward.

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