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One Piece Film: Red is Set to Opens An Untold Story of a Major Character3 min read


One Piece is one of the most sought after anime in history. Over the years, many major events have taken place and it’s huge fanbase celebrates it all over the world. This year only, they celebrated the 1000th chapter and 1000th episode, a huge milestone for an anime of this genre. 

Not only that, Eiichiro Oda decides to give another reason to celebrate by announcing the new movie title very close to the end of year. Titled the One Piece Film: Red, it likely resembles Shanks’ face mark in the typography. 

Now, Eiichiro Oda actually promised the fans that one major character will make its move this year. However, as the end of year nears, not much speculation emerges and people have felt hopeless. Maybe this movie is the reason why in the manga or anime filled only with familiar faces and none of them has a significance that Oda previously stated.

Assuming that the information circulating around online is true, this movie might present us with the story of Shanks, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea (read: Yonko). Shanks has been a mystery figure since his introduction. Even a new fan will be able to tell that Shanks play a huge role in the One Piece universe. It was only the fact that Oda talks so little about him that 1000 chapters later we still barely knew him. Nobody knows his powers, his influence, territory, his significance and ties to any organizations and more importantly his actual role in the series.

One Piece Film : Red Teaser Trailer

The first time he shows up, it seems like Shanks will be a role figure for Luffy, but it came out short as that was the first and last time Shanks appeared for a long time. Throughout the Strawhat’s journey, Shanks only appears very little from time to time. The only major events Shanks presents are in the Paramount War, which he was then stopped and brought to an end to a very long saga. 

After that, Shanks returns to only appear  in one or two arcs and we still have no idea what or who he is.

Although this movie is very hyped at the moment, Oda doesn’t actually confirm anything about the Red-Haired Shanks just yet. In fact, Oda said the opposite, in which he said he will introduce a “lady-figure” in this movie because he feels like he doesn’t draw enough women of influence in One Piece. 

Whether it’s intentional – to throw us out of our hope – the implications are still very strong. This film most certainly has a major focus on Yonko. Now, One Piece has a record history of not including the movie plot into canon, meaning what happens in it does not take place or connected to the main plot of the story. However, this does not mean the fans cannot enjoy and find clues & easter eggs in the movie. Some movies like One Piece: Stampede have some canon elements to it. So, not all details will be in accordance with the main plot of the story, but also not all details are to be scrapped from us trying to connect the dots.

Shanks Character – One Piece : Red

One Piece Film: Red gives a fresh breath of excitement for One Piece fans; not that they are lacking any, especially this year. But, it’s been a long awaited moment for fans to see the reveal of the background of one of the most important yet distant characters in the series. 

Hopefully this movie delivers what it implies when it is released on August 6, 2022.

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