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Shuri Won’t Be On The Next Black Panther Movie?3 min read


Marvel had to step on the break for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever once again. The first hold is due to the unfortunate incident of Chadwick Boseman passing away after a year-long battle with cancer.

The legacy of Chadwick Boseman is at risk and the future of Black Panther franchise is not looking too promising for now. The second sequel is set to be released in 2022 next year, but again, nothing is of certain right now. 

Letitia Wright is in a major controversy due to her views on vaccination. Long story short, she is an Anti-Vax and not afraid to sound her ideas to the public. Disney’s response to this is quite serious as they will not risk their reputation to be a supporter of someone who does not believe in vaccines. 

Shuri, Letitia Wright’s character in Black Panther was originally issued to be the next in line to take up the mantle of Black Panther, or at least that’s what fans have speculated. She portrays the younger sister of King T’Challa, specializing in Wakanda’s tech advancement. During her time, she manages to play the character and gain quite a lot of fans. This beloved character is even dubbed to be as popular and important as the main protagonist of the movie. No wonder that fans took it very hard when they found out about her view on COVID-19. 

This issue was first brought up about a year ago, in an interview on Youtube. The video was eventually shared across other social media platforms and has been receiving mockery and trolled for her views. The video has since been deleted from Youtube but if you dig deeper, you can still find it on another platform. This very opinion sparked a serious matter of concern for Marvel Studios.

Following this accusation, Disney – who owns Marvel – said that they won’t promote or support any of their talent inside the company who believes in Anti-Vax views. Despite Letitia’s effort to clear things out, it looks like this won’t matter. She had been posting content on Instagram to justify herself. In that post, she never really mentioned anything about Anti-Vax but she also indirectly said that she won’t be taking any vaccination and that it was her choice and opinion. As a public figure, she does not want to give a wrong impression to people and is afraid that her view on vaccination results in unnecessary chaos and panic, or worse people start to follow her view and spread it even more.

Anti-Vax views are dangerous because none of their allegations and opinions are supported with scientific fact. If this view is spread too widely, government officials along with every concerned organization will have a difficult time battling with COVID. Freedom of speech is important, but that does not mean you can spread rumors and affect or change people’s perspective to be the same as you. Nobody would want to prolong this global pandemic, and the smallest thing we can do to actually help speed up the process is to follow the guidelines and regulations from the government and international officials like WHO to battle this virus.
As of right now, no official news of her getting fired from the project. Regardless, Disney will surely have a plan in mind and will take necessary precautions to save its reputation. Things like mandatory vaccination inside the film set, for both cast and crew will surely be helpful and can clear things out. One loss is enough and fans will surely agree to stop and figure out the best way for both parties. Chadwick’s legacy has to be carried on.

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