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Spider-Man Across The Spiderverse (Part One) – Will It Stack Up With The Previous Sequel?4 min read


2018 was the year when Spider-Man fans got their first taste of Marvel’s multiverse and one of the most hyped crossovers in the history of superhero cinema.

The first iteration focused on Spider-Man Miles Morales as the webslinger from New York trying to deal with his teenage-life crisis. As any other version of Spider-Man, Miles got bit by a radioactive spider that turns him into an enhanced human with several abilities adopted from the spider. The main antagonist of this film is Kingpin, with the main plot revolve around him trying to bring back his wife and son after they are presumably murdered by Spider-Man, or so does he think.

Long story short, Kingpin built a Super-Collider that opens the portal to another universe and that where the plot leaks all sorts of alternate Spider-Man from various universes. With the help of his own counterparts, Miles manages to take down Kingpin along with his subordinates and restore the multiverse.  

Now, the first movie was very successful to say the least. The film grossed over $375 million worldwide, which profited around $285 million  – over three times the film’s budget. Critics and appraisals come from every corner of the world addressing the stunning animation, great character, story, voice acting and many more. 91st Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature, 76th Golden Globe Awards, 72nd British Academy Film Awards and the 46th Annie Awards are some of the prestigious awards this movie managed to achieve.

It comes to no surprise that with such a stack up of titles and recognition, the next movie has to be at least as good or if possible better to satisfy the fans. Marvel fans have been given endless services lately, especially for the Infinity Saga. Three years into production also added more pressure to deliver this sequel perfectly.

Although Marvel still has to coordinate with Sony for any Spider-Man titles, the trend shows the same acceptance from Marvel-produced titles. With such strict standards and amazing continuity across their movies, I think we can safely assume the Spider-Man sequel is in good hands.

The first trailer has been released and it picks up right where the first film left off. As you can see from the trailer, it adopts the same main plot – Miles jumping around the multiverse to save it – with a similar “unique” animation style that separates each version of Spider-Man.   

Spider-Gwen visited Miles and asked for his help to take down a more powerful villain than the previous titles. The two of them also joined forces with another Spider-Man from another universe. The main villains are still unclear at the moment and that is actually good. To keep people’s interest at bay and make the hype for the release. No doubt that there will be more trailers before the release date, and let’s just hope they do not spoil too many details that may give up the surprise. 

The official description says that this will be the first part of two films with the same main title. Fans may expect the plot to be similar to Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, break down one plot into two films to better spread the screen time and cram as much fanservice as possible. 

The first movie had it’s fair share of showcasing the many Spider-People, but not enough to satisfy the audience. Maybe in this follow-up sequel more Spider-Man will have a chance to show their unique abilities as well as performing the duet dynamics among themselves.

Whatever the case may be, the Spider-Man Across The Spiderverse (Part One) is set to be released in theaters on October 7th 2022 and the second part will follow along the next year.

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