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What we know about the new MCU Spiderman No Way Home after the second trailer5 min read


The Spider-man No Way Home is out today in the cinema around the world and the fire is lit! people keep discussing the multiverse and its possibilities in what we will see in the movie. The discussion goes around the possibilities of every Spider-man Heroes to come out, the differences between one, and many more. Alright, while we keep spacing out of everything, why don’t we go sliding out into the topics? Let’s find out. 

Different movies, different character designs.

We already know that every character will have a different costume design once they enter a live-action Marvel movie. There are pros and cons about it, but fortunately, Marvel has taken a different direction in this Spider-man No Way Home movie as they are keeping the design of everybody as it is and that’s wonderful. I mean, it’s a multiverse anyway so there are no reasons to change it. And their original actors also will play in the movie. The hype is definitely getting higher and higher. 

Aside from the original actors and their role as the villains, their costume is indeed the same as their original live-action Spider-man movie. But have you noticed there are changes in their suit? Like Dr. Octopus’s claws which have a red color painted in some of the parts. And also the total changes in the Electro design – he now can keep his real body and emits yellow electric energy around, even forming the original Electro mask that we normally see in the comic. To be honest, I love it when they are trying to stick with the original costume design although people keep talking of Maxwell’s hair. 

Dr. Strange might not be as good as we think

Peter Parker was annoyed by people that recognize him as the Spider-man. And Thanks to Mysterio, people are misunderstanding him over and over again. Then he comes to Dr. Strange to help him to remove all the people’s memories of Spider-man and that’s also the reason why a multiverse accident happens. But you know, I wonder why Dr. Strange agrees to help him despite Wang’s warning as it will disturb the balance of the universe? 

Hot controversies are going around the internet about why Dr. Strange helped Peter Parker with his problem, despite the warning. Because as we know, Dr. Strange is the type of person who agrees to help just if it is related to the balance of the universe, like what he did in The Avengers movie. So then why did he help Peter Parker even though it will interrupt the balance of the universe? Well, only those who watch the movies will know. 

The appearance of Dormamu

We know that Dr. Stephen strange has made a deal with Dormamu for him to not attack the world in the smart way that we ever imagined. And then when the second trailer came up on youtube, I saw a purple light coming up in the sky of Spider-man world. Does it mean Dormamu will come out? Will the multiverse become the first appearance of Dormamu who just got annoyed by Dr. Strange with his time loop? 

Every Spider-man Appearance. 

Now, this is the biggest debate that is floated in the sky of the internet. Because of the revelation of every villain in the Spider-man live-action universe, including the appearance of the original Norman Osborn, we cannot help but think there might be chances we will see every all the live-action Spider-man in our childhood. And the hype is really high because the chances might come true! I mean, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland in one movie? Man, I cannot hold my beer any longer. 

Although it was clear that both of the actors, Andrew and Tobey stated that they wouldn’t be appearing in the new Spider-man movie, fans might be wondering if that is just the way for them to keep the secret locked until the movie is finally appearing. I mean, who knows?

And there are definitely a lot of things that we wait to see in the new Spider-man No Way Home movie. One of them might be the invisible force that punches Lizardman while he comes up, or perhaps the appearance of the Japanese Spider-man that… might appear as a joke that is created by fans. Or the Villain Spider-man? Anyway, the movie will be released within this week if everything will go according to the schedule. Before that, let’s watch the trailer together, shall we? 

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