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The 7 anime to watch for the first-timer9 min read


Are you new to the world of anime? are you just starting to get interested in the series but don’t know where to start? Then let me help you! 

Well, anime is definitely an awesome world filled with wonders and fantasies that will spoil you, perhaps take you outside of the real world. As you may know, anime is a Japanese animation that is totally made in Japan. And since it was widespread around the world and people love it, anime now become Japan’s subculture with fans across the globe. It’s a global phenomenon. 

And since you are in the process of taking the first step into the world of anime, I have compiled the list of series that you can watch, and I can guarantee you this will give you comfort and will leave a good experience within yourself. Without further ado, let’s we dive into the 7 anime that you can watch for the first time! 

7. Hataraku Saibou/Cells at Work!

In our very first step, we have the anime with a warm story with a sprinkle of education on it. Yeap, it’s Hataraku Saibou. Telling the humanized version of our cell, Hataraku Saibou focuses on the journey of Red and White blood cells in meeting other cells and their responsibilities within our human body like Platelet and Macrophage. 

From the story side, it is considered light and warm with a mixture of educational information in it. Packed with the beautiful character design that makes things better, it’s the type of anime that is a perfect fit for everyone, including your kids. But please note that it also has a little bit of blood-splashing scene especially when macrophages slay every pathogen that enter our body. Other than that, it’s definitely a good series to watch. 

6.  Kaichou Wa Maid Sama/The Class President is a maid

Moving out to a more romantic anime is Kaichou wa Maid Sama! I put it on the list because its slice-of-life romance genre is always mesmerizing to watch. This anime focused on the main female character named Misaki, a rather tomboyish girl who is also a class president in a mix-sex high school. While becoming the most feared student, she also secretly worked in a maid’s café for the sake of her family, especially her little sister. Our main male character named Usui began to like her because she is different with every girl he met, then tried to make her fall in love with him. 

Although it was released in 2005, Kaichou wa Maid Sama still attains the good story to watch it again, even on this day. The character design is cute and colorful with its own easily distinguishable personality. Combined with the Romance Comedy genre, it’s the perfect combination to melt your heart. 

5. Dr. Stone

Form a rom-com, into a more fiction-education type of anime. Yeap, it’s Dr. Stone and based on the title, it sets on a dystopian world where every person was turned into a stone by some advanced technology that ‘fall’ to the sky. Following the story of the MC named Senku Ishigami who accidentally revived from three thousand years of frozen in stone. Realizing that the civilization has ended but the human can still be revived, Senku tries his best to recover all of his friends with the technology that he has learned before the accident. And with that as well, they are trying to recover everybody from petrification and uncover the mystery of advanced technology. 

Dr. Stone for me has so many good things to point. The story is brilliant and focuses more on how he acquired all the tech that has been gone. The art style is superb and colorful. Character is easily recognizable with their personalities. Although the series can be quite long which is the typical mainstream anime, it always keeps me entertained with all the things that I have pointed above. 

4. One Punch Man

Alright, if you feel a mainstream anime can be quite tiring, let’s move out into this masterpiece. One Puch Man is an action-shounen anime that focused on the main character named Saitama – a bald-head hero who always finishes his enemy with just a once punch. I mean, it’s obvious… that’s what the title says. But the story isn’t really focused on him who always one punches his enemy, it’s more into a journey of him who gets really bored in becoming the strongest on the entire series. The story also revolves around the heroes around him and the way they find enemies, and not many of them know the power that Saitama has in him.

The story is definitely resembling a mainstream anime, but One-Punch Man only has two seasons so far but all episodes are well-made with stories that will give you a new perspective of a hero. The comedy side is definitely fun too! Especially when Saitama tries to kill a mosquito but it’s failed miserably. 

3. Kimetsu no Yaiba/Demon Slayer

From the mainstream series, into another mainstream series with a totally different genre. Still action, but this anime sets in an ancient time of Japan with a unique type of main character. Kimetsu no Yaiba tells the story of Kamado Tanjiro, the child who found his family got murdered by demons and left his little sister alive but turned into a demon but still keeping her human consciousness intact. Both of them go on a journey as the demon slayer to kill the demon through a quest. 

The story is definitely befitting its title as one of the most famous anime that is just recently released. I can say, it’s also one of the best manga-adaptation anime as well. The story is well-executed, the art style definitely matched with the manga with a little bit of effect in which add its beauty. Character-wise is definitely great, especially with the story development of the main character. Furthermore, the soundtrack that it had. It’s a fine masterpiece that some anime cannot achieve. It’s just that the latest movie the Mugen Train is a bit disappointing with only telling a fragment of the manga. Other than that, it’s great!

2. Cowboy Bebop

Moving out from fictional ancient stories to the infamous of Japan’s animated space opera. Yeap, I talk about the Cowboy Bebop. The anime series and also one of the best anime all the time, albeit it was released in the 90’s. Focused on the crew of bounty hunters called Cowboys from the spaceship called Bebop (yeap, that’s the title). Basically focused on the leader of the crew named Spike Spiegel and his journey through the bounty hunting mission that, accidentally led the crew to face their past. 

The story is fully packed with different elements that will make this story more joyous to watch. Actions, comedies, and dramas are well executed plus the space opera genre was definitely a hit at that time. Furthermore, the release of the new Netflix adaptation makes fans get the nostalgic feeling resurfaced. I know, it’s actually an old anime, but I can say you wouldn’t have any regret in watching one. Just enjoy what the anime will give you.

1. Code Geass

Moving out into our final list is one of the masterpieces in the world of anime. Code Geass is packed with everything that makes it interesting to watch. The Code Geass tells the story of Lelouch Vi Britannia using the power of Geass that was given by the mysterious girl called C.C. With the power he obtained, Lelouch together with the Knight of Shadow push back Britannia from his conquered country of Japan. At the same time, avenging his mother’s death and making a better world for his one and only little sister, Nunnally.

Every aspect of this anime is top-notch but the biggest point is the complexity of the story. It was well executed with multiple types of drama that doesn’t overlap one after another. The way the main character commands the knight is definitely genius with how it works. The mecha battle is also beautifully drawn. Character design? Perfect! And people love it so much, especially the girls. If you decide to rewatch it again, I’m sure you will not get easily bored with it. 

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