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Why does “I Am Number Four” deserve a sequel?4 min read


When the first I Am Number Four movie was released, it wasn’t a huge success. However, that doesn’t mean that this is an ordinary attempt at a series and should just be left alone. After more than 7 years of abandonment, I think we deserve to see I Am Number Four 2 in the cinema.

This article will discuss some reasons why I Am Number Four deserves a sequel.

The popularity of the I Am Number Four book series 

The first movie did not do as well as it could have. However, this does not mean that the series is bad and should be forgotten about. In fact, the books series are popular for a reason- they are well written and enjoyable. A lot of people were looking forward to the movie, so it’s a shame that it didn’t do as well as it could have.

The movie is based on the book series by Pittacus Lore. The books are about nine aliens who are on Earth, trying to stay hidden and alive while they are being hunted by the Mogadorians. The first book in the series was released in 2010 and there are six books in total. There is a lot of material for a sequel movie alone if we see it from this perspective.

Additionally, there is a huge fanbase surrounding this book series, so there is no doubt that the sequel should be done. Many fans of the books were disappointed by the first movie, but instead of just giving up they started petitions to support its sequel.

The huge fanbase to support I Am Number Four 2 realization 

The petitions to support the second movie were available on many websites online, including Facebook and Twitter. The number of people signing these petitions was massive. Even when I was doing my own research on how many people are still searching for information related to this movie, the data show around 200.000 – 500.000 searches every month. it is quite a number for a movie released in 2011.

One of many Petitions for I Am Number Four Sequel

These petitions data and monthly search numbers for this movie are conclusive evidence that this movie has a big fanbase and they still want to see it. The movie company which seeks to make a movie on a huge exist-fanbase basis should not neglect this fanbase and sequelize this movie.

Although we heard “not” really pleasant updates from some of the people involved in the first movie on the possibility of I Am Number Four 2 ever happening, hope is still there along with the data which hopefully someday can be seen as a goldmine by the movie company or maybe on-demand streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Disney+ or others.

Most possible route for the sequel: I Am Number Four the Series 

With the number of on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and many others, these companies will struggle to create a new series that comes out every month to attract new and existing subscribers. This will be the biggest chance for the I Am Number Four series possible to resurrect from its long sleep. 

These companies would love to remake a movie into a series following its huge fanbase and books series which are already well-received. 

I Am Number Four 2 doesn’t need a big budget to be successful. The story and the fanbase are already there. We just need someone who is willing to make it happen.

What do you think? Is there enough evidence to warrant a sequel for I Am Number Four? Let us know in the comments below!

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